For those of you, who have been following this blog must have already gone through the history tour on Hampi here. Hampi however has much more to offer than its Heritage. Cross over to the other side of the Tungbhadra that flows through the city, and you would be transported to a different era (but the same boulders still).

Hampi is a twin village- where one part offers Historic tales in abundance, the other has less of sightseeing, but more laid-out vibes where the place picks up the pace that you want it to pick up. Quite evidently, cafes replete with hammocks or those with views of endless rice field patches are not a surprise. Here are some of the cafes that I liked during my two day-stay in the Hippie part of Hampi.

Namaste Cafe

The highlight of this Café was the view of rice fields as we ate. The café has two floors and I personally recommend to sit on the roof as the seating is more relaxed, on the floor and the view with open air looks even better.

I wasn’t really Impressed with the food though, as the Pasta we ordered looked slightly under cooked.

Laughing Buddha Cafe

Without a doubt the best find in the Hippie part of Hampi. This cafe has the views as well as some of the best foods.

TIP: Do order the Nutella pancake and do your taste buds a favor!

Savouring the Nutella pancake
Revel in the floor-seating. Heck, relax and lie down while you are at it
See the views of the boulders? That’s the other side of Hampi

Leo Wodden Restaurant by the river

This is a part of the resort we stayed in and we fell in love with the resort. It gives a great view from it’s restaurant.

We were however not too pleased with the food, apart from the breakfast which was typical South India cuisine. Worth a try!

The restaurant as seen from our cottage. Can you spot me?
And the views from the inside
Who would want to go back to the room anymore?

Apart from food, there are quite a few sunset points in this part of Hampi, which also involve a bit of a hike. In case you are looking for sight seeing, maybe this is not the place for you. Hampi is a village that grows on you with its vibe and slow pace. You can hang out at guest houses, resorts and cafes and take some de-tox from your mundane world before going. Come here with this mind-set, and the village won’t disappoint you. There is a reason New York Times ranked it number 2 in the list of places to visit in 2019. 😉

PS: There are definitely more cafes in the area and this list covers just one side of Hampi. In case you have more recommendations for Cafes, do let us all know in the comments. 🙂